Who we are


The Statesboro community is proud to support our local Police Department and Fire Department. Every day these brave men and women put on their uniform not knowing what event will unfold with one goal in mind, to serve and protect. In appreciation for their sacrifice and service the Downtown Statesboro Development Authority, DSDA, along with community partners are working on a project that will show our support in a tangible way – Homes for Heroes.

The DSDA is involved in neighborhood revitalization projects in the downtown area. We are working hard to turn neglected rental property into proud home  wnership. With this in mind, we plan to start the project by making the first few  omes affordable dwellings for our public servants.

We have identified 3 dilapidated houses that are located in the downtown district.  Our mission is to find businesses, organizations and volunteers to help us completely remodel each home.

For this project to work we must have your help.

The homes have a good structure and by remodeling them we will keep the historical integrity of the neighborhood however they all need a complete makeover.

There are 3 ways you can help – time, money and donations. Volunteer your time to help remodel. Give a charitable contribution to go towards the
purchase of materials needed for the renovations. Donate materials or services (i.e. paint, countertops, appliances, etc.).

Statesboro’s organizations and businesses benefit from a safe and secure community.

A Peek into our process


Identify the homes

Seek out homes within the downtown area and the Blue Mile that could be renovated as part of this program.


Secure the homes

Either purchase the identified home(s) or have the home(s) donated to the program.


Recruit the volunteers and donations.

Once we’ve secured the homes, the renovations start with the help of volunteers and donations from our community partners.


Remodel the home.

Once we have donations pledged, our volunteers and community partners start remodeling the home!


Welcome a new family!

Once the home is complete, the home will be available to purchase to any one of our members of our local law enforcement, fire department or EMTs.